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Global Outreach International

In addition to writing, teaching, and speaking, Laura serves on staff, working remotely, for Global Outreach International. She works in the Mobilization Department facilitating short term missions and internships, as well as talking with new missionaries interested in joining Global Outreach. 

Laura, who grew up in a missionary family on Native American reservations in the western United States, has a passion for ministering to missionaries and their families. Laura, Sonny, and their girls, Kate and Lily Beth have a desire to follow God's call set forth in Colossians 4:8, being sent for the expressed purpose to encourage the hearts of missionary families on the field. They do this through short-term mission trips both within the United States and Internationally.  

If you would like more information about Global Outreach or would like to donate to this part of their ministry, click the link below.

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