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Always a work in progress...

Christianity has always been part of my life. I never wondered which religion was the right path since I was introduced as a small child to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Thus, at the tender age of six, growing up in a missionary home, with a pastor for a father and Bible teacher for a mother, I knew Jesus. I not only knew Him, I loved Him, accepted Him as my Lord and Savior, and was baptized. The only person I found myself angry with in the Bible was Eve. As an innocent adolescent I was convinced that Eve ruined it for all of us.


Despite my frustrations with Eve, I also eventually harbored resentment for my missionary family lifestyle. As missionaries to the Native American peoples, this usually meant we would live on reservations. Reservation life was challenging. No malls, fancy restaurants, sidewalks to ride your bikes down (at least where our single wide trailer was parked), and constant moving from one place to the next in the Western United States. It wasn't until about fourth grade, when we settled down in the foothills of Northwest Montana, that life became more consistent.


Naturally, I was placed in public school and began to do, sadly, what a lot of teenagers do. That is- join in with the wrong crowd- the not so Christian, non-youth group types. Spending my weekends at keg parties didn't do me much good at all and I found myself in situations that left me with more shame than you could shake a stick at. After graduating high school, I really hadn't set any goals for myself in the way of college. Therefore, I signed my name to the dotted line and enlisted in the Air Force for the next four years of my life.


Unfortunately, I carried my party habits with me and found myself far, very far from the Lord, especially in the area of obedience. Finally, after my enlistment was over, I went back home to Montana and at the age of twenty-three came to a crossroads. I had to choose if I was going to continue to say I was a Christian, yet live like the world, or if I was going to choose to walk the narrow path leading to life! By His grace, I chose the narrow path.


Consequently, I began to seek the Lord for healing from all the shame heaped on due to my past lifestyle. I was broken, confused, and longing for restoration, peace, and joy. On my broken path is right where my Savior met me, through the pages of His powerful Word. He sent forth His Word and He healed me (Psalm 107:20). I chose to believe those words. I immersed myself in spending time alone with Jesus and letting Him counsel me as I gave Him the pain of my past.


Not long after that season of restoration, I felt Him leading me to continue my degree (in Nutrition and Natural Medicine at the time) at a school in Alabama. Funny thing, that's where I reconnected with a family friend who visited Montana and participated in mission trips at my father's church. Low and behold, we fell in love! And I married my now husband, Sonny, on June 25, 2005. During the first year of our marriage, we moved our little family to Seattle where I could pursue (or so I thought) Natural Medicine at Bastyr University. Well, the Lord had another plan and stirred my heart toward having a passion to teach women the Bible. I was overwhelmed and surprised that the Lord would ask me to do such a thing since I spent many years in absolute rebellion to Him. I was just thankful He let me live after such long seasons of willful sin, let alone teach anyone the Bible! But the Lord loves using broken people to do His bidding!


After many prayers, I began seeking a degree, not in Natural Medicine, but in Theology with an emphasis in Christian Scriptures at Seattle Pacific University. After graduating in 2008, I gave birth to our oldest daughter, Kate, in 2009. Two years later, her sweet sister came along. When Lily Beth was only a year old, the Lord moved our little family back across the country, to Georgia for several years and then Alabama again!


And that's where we are- living, loving the Lord, and continuing to seek the Him while He may be found. I live one day at a time serving, writing, teaching, and the list goes on. I'm likely just like you, trying not to give way to anxiety, trying to be the best mom I can, and seeking to please the Lord even when I am doing the dishes. Do I always get this right every day? No way! But I don't think that's the goal. I believe the goal is for Christ to be glorified through our obedience. He desires for us to be humble, genuine, and transparent.


So, if you are looking for in-depth Bible studies that cause you to dig deeply into Scripture in order to know God more, you've come to the right place.  I do not claim to have it all figured out, but I desire nothing more than for the Holy Spirit to speak through this earthen-worn vessel in order for a powerful work to take place in my life and in yours. You bless my heart and though we may have never met, I have prayed for you...for all who will visit this site and invest their time in these studies. Thank you for taking your precious time to read my testimonial and I hope in doing so, the Lord reminds you of the testimony He has given you. I pray it is one of redeeming grace and restoration.

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